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Weekly Showcase: Farmhouse Group Events

Et Cetera Event Company is very excited to announce a new partnership with Farmhouse Group Events! When booking a wedding with FHG Events, you can receive discounts from their preferred vendors, which include, but are not limited to,  Ashley Largesse Photography, Cakes by Irene, Vermont Juice Company, VT Tent Company, Clayton Floral Design and many more! Et Cetera offers a free rehearsal run-through and/or final meeting to wrap up the planning process when booking a wedding with us and Farmhouse Group Events!

I have personally known Lindsey Campbell, the Catering Director at FHG Events for quite some time. When she started at Farmhouse I knew that they were lucky to have her. Lindsey holds herself and her work to very high standards. From being a stickler about grammar, table settings, visual design and service, there is not a better person to have on your team the day of your wedding! The reason Et Cetera loves the Farmhouse Group so much, aside from being absolutely obsessed with the fish tacos at El Cortijo and the cocktails at Pascolo, is their commitment to local and fresh ingredients. Their new catering menus are impressive and extensive. If you had an out of the box idea, wanted to have an ethical and locally sourced menu at your event, or have absolutely no idea what type of menu you want and need ideas, they can help you get inspired. One of the things I thought was so unique and really took FHG Events level of service above and beyond was a story about a couple who wanted to recreate a meal they had in Europe. Farmhouse Group Events said yes and now they get to share that experience with all of their family and friends! What a cool concept!

We are so excited to have been approached by FHG Events and asked to be a preferred vendor of theirs. I can only imagine what an incredible season this will be having them by our side! Please reach out to Lindsey directly if you have any questions or comments. She's very accessible and would love to hear from you! Her e-mail address is Happy planning!