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Weekly Showcase: The Vermont Juice Company

The Vermont Juice Company located on Main Street in Burlington has become my new home away from home. Even in the -5 degree weather, they’re juices make you feel like you’re experiencing the first warm day of spring all over again. I could go on for days about all of my favorite juices (Green to Extreme, Lake Monster, Green Mountain Medley) or their AMAZING wheat grass shots, but I will let you experience that for yourself.  Hannah and Matt, the owners of the company have generously agreed to provide clients of Et Cetera Event Company with a 10% discount on their cleanse or juice packages! Hannah and I also had the amazing idea of providing clients with a mimosa or bloody mary bar made with fresh juices of your choice! Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Papaya, mango, grapefruit, orange… the possibilities are endless.  We are most excited about this partnership for a few reasons. I personally, cannot get enough of their juice. It’s my daily dose of vegetables and vitamins, a juice and a wheat grass shot is my sworn by hangover cure, and it’s a great way to start a health cleanse. If you have an event coming up, a cleanse could be the thing that not only helps you look your best in that last hectic week of planning, but also feel your best. A lot of times, clients of mine spend the day of their big event running around, socializing, and getting ready. A juice on hand would make sure that you’re not getting dehydrated and that your body is getting the nutrients it needs during your busy day.  The difference between a juice from VT Juice Co and an Odwalla is simply the integrity of the ingredients. The press that Hannah uses produces no heat what so-ever. This is an important aspect of the juicing process because heat degrades vitamins and nutrients. That means that you’re literally getting as many vitamins and nutrients from that vegetable or fruit as possible. The reason to purchase a cold pressed juice, over an Odwalla, for me personally, is the fact that over 1 cup of each fruit or vegetable listed on the bottle, is what these delicious juices are comprised of. As an example and for easy math, the Lake Monster sitting next to me as we speak was made with 1 cup of apple, 1 cup of celery, 1 cup of cucumber, 1 cup of kale, 1 cup of chard, and lemon, parsley and ginger to taste. The thought of eating 5 cups of vegetables is daunting, but not when you can get it in the delicious form of a juice and still reap the same benefits! For me, that’s what makes it worth it… that and my opportunity to socialize with Hannah and Matt. You’ll love them, I promise.