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Weekly Showcase: Nectar & Root

On Friday afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting with Erin Ostreicher. I had met Erin twice before, first at the Vermont Vows Wedding Affair at the Coach Barn at Shelburne Farms, and the second time at the Vermont Association of Wedding Professionals mixer. When I first met Erin, I immediately noticed her branding and the name of her company, Nectar and Root. I really loved the simplicity of it, and the colors she chose. It was something I appreciated after having just spent so much time on the branding for Et Cetera with the same principles in mind. Additionally, Erin's website is to die for. It's clean, colorful, simple and sophisticated. Check it out here when you get the chance!  

The second thing I noticed was her perfect complexion, fashion forward blonde bob and horn rimmed glasses. I thought, “here is a girl who probably isn’t afraid to try new things and think outside of the box”. The third thing I noticed was how personable she was. I decided to reach out and ask her to get coffee, only to confirm that all of my first impressions were spot on. Erin and I sat for 3 hours chatting away about starting a business, the Vermont wedding industry and all of the cool ideas we could bring to this great state. You know a great partnership is in the works when you lose track of time! One thing that Erin said that really stuck with me, was how happy she is when clients reach out to her because they like her work. For any artist, from painter to florist, the feeling of fulfillment you get when clients not only recognize your work, but seek you out is incredibly flattering. We talked at length about how we both appreciate events that, when completed, are tailored, refined, timeless and classic. We acknowledged that “classic” and “timeless” doesn’t have to mean cookie cutter, and that it’s almost not about what you include in your event décor but what you don’t include. Erin was a great sounding board for everything I aim for when executing events.  When you’re trying to effectively represent your brand and you don’t exactly have a niche like “locally sourced events” or “LGBT weddings”, it’s hard to place your finger on exactly what it is that makes your company unique and one of a kind. As our mugs got emptier, the essence of et cetera became clear to me through my conversation with Erin. She was putting into words everything I was feeling! I left our coffee date instantly wanting to tell all of our followers about how great Nectar and Root is. She told me about some of her clients, we talked about some of her work and I was so excited about this new partnership. I asked Erin to send me pictures of her work to showcase in this blog post and that’s when the real serendipity happened. A few months ago I stumbled across an article about an absolutely gorgeous wedding at Shelburne Farms. I stared at picture after picture, loving every detail of the event.  I sent the link to my boyfriend and co-workers just so they could see how spot on the wedding was in regards to my personal taste, and as an example of that refinery and polish we talk so often about at Et Cetera. Erin sent me a link to the photos she wanted me to use for this blog post this afternoon and low and behold, it was the same wedding I had fallen in love with months before!  I am so happy and excited to share what I think is a knock out job of floral design. When I had told Erin how obsessed I had been with this brides style she replied, “I actually picked that one in particular because I thought it might be up your alley” which only speaks to how intuitive she is as a designer. I really enjoyed my time with Erin. From our conversation I gathered that she is hard working, has an amazing attention to detail, is a great listener, tenacious and adventurous. I know my team and I look forward to working with her this summer. Now without further adieu, my favorite pictures from my favorite wedding last summer. Photo credit goes to Christina Bernales and Erins business card was done by Christa Alexandra